OURWEIGH.IN (Previously OurBiggestLoser.com)

We make losing weight fun and hope to set you on the path for a healthier future.

We help you harness the strength and commitment that comes from competition.

We believe that being able to track your performance against others, compare notes with people on the same journey and win trophies and recognition helps sustain momentum and even makes losing weight fun.

Our site allows you to:

  • Record and track your personal journey ( Yes this information can be private )
  • Compete with friends, family and colleagues
  • Win site trophies
  • Share your wins socially
  • Message other players for motivation and friendly competition banter


Losing weight is a journey, being healthy is a way of life. We help create supportive communities of family and friends who can keep each other motivated into the future.

During the weight loss competition, your weight is kept private. Your percentage weight loss is the number used to compete with your friends, family or colleagues. The combination of being held accountable to those you know and of course wanting to win (or lose!) gives you the impetus to start now and the momentum to keep it up.

After the weight loss competition, the shared experience leaves you with a network of people who know how hard you worked, remember your successes and can help staying healthy just part of how you live your life.

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Here at owi we believe a little bit of competition and friendly banter can combine to be a powerful motivator. When you join owi and create or join a group you will have access to your group's 'Leader Board'.

In fact, you can start or join as many groups as you like. Compete against family, friends and colleagues. Your leader page allows you to see how you are performing, and how you have performed in the past, against each of your groups. You'll have access to a group messaging board. You'll be able to share your trophies with others and recognise each others efforts with congratulations and support.

When a little competition is never enough, go to battle!

Battle boards are the ultimate in motivation. You can invite any other group in the world to 'battle'. Choose when the battle starts and ends and view the progress of the groups. The group with the greatest % lost wins. For pride, for glory but most of all for you, sometimes competition is just what you need.

Here you will find the greatest owi competitors of all time. You will see the greatest groups and the greatest individual competitors.

Get your own group running and see if you can reach the top of the OurWeigh.In leader board!

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