A Few Final Things

A Few Final Things

If you’ve been getting our messages this week, you will know by now that we are about to release our brand new web site. As noted in yesterday’s article groups are now even easier to create and run. Today we touch on a few more ways for you to interact with us and with one another via social pages and we’re going to gently plug the survey we’re hosting for the first month after go-live.

Get Social

Of course our new name needs to roll out across our social sites too.

So, https://www.facebook.com/ourbiggestloser has become https://www.facebook.com/ourweighin.

And https://twitter.com/hashtag/ourbiggestloser has become https://twitter.com/hashtag/ourweigh_in with a #ourweigh_in hash-tag. You’ll have to note the underscore there.

And we’re going to get more social ourselves too, we promise!

We’d love it if you joined us there.

Your Thoughts

For the first month or so we will also be hosting a link to a survey page. We’d love to get your impressions on the changes. Nothing is off-limits and we promise not to get offended so please help us out by leaving your thoughts. We’ve kept the standard questions to 2 but there is also a spot for you to tell us anything you like. Go crazy.

We hope you love the new site. But more than that we also want your thoughts on what would make, ourweigh.in the best it can be. If there are features you’d like to see added, this is your chance to get them on the wishlist as we continue to grow. This is not a box ticking exercise; every survey will be individually read and considered. And of course, we will be reading the feedback de-identified so don’t hold back!

The Cut Over

Only one day to go!

Remember, we cut over on Saturday 25th June from midnight to 4am, New York time. That is from 4am to 8am UTC time.

The site will be unavailable during this time. We apologise for the outage but we reckon the new site will make up for the inconvenience.

This was the last post pre-update. We’ll see you on the other side!

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