Site Changes

Hi Team!

In a few days from now we will be publishing our second major update to the site.

We will do the upgrade on Saturday 22nd October from midnight to 4am, New York time. That is from 4am to 8am UTC time.

We have been busily working on changes you have requested and changes we think will be useful to you.

We are excited to announce integration to Fitbit! You will now be able to enter your weight in Fitbit and the next time you log in to we will retrieve any entries you have made since last signing in. So, no more need to enter your weight in two different systems. Also, we will retrieve your high level calories-out data and overlay this on your 'My Progress' page. This is only shown to you and we think will help visualise how calorie burn impacts your weight journey. And of course, you will be able to turn off your Fitbit integration any time you like which will remove any and all Fitbit data from our site.

We are also pleased to announce we are adding in some more personalisation features. You will now be able to add in a profile picture. This will be shown on your 'My Progress' page and also on each message you post on the site. You will also be able to add group and battle photos! So, get together and take a happy-snap before your competition to personalise your Group Leader Board. Only your group can see this photo. And while you're at it why not tell us about your group. Your group leader will be able to add in a description about your team to show on the group leader board.

The Leader Board graph has had a face-lift. For those groups with more than 15 members we now show the top 5 members and then show you surrounded by the eight closest to you. If you are in the top 5 we simply show the top 14 team members. We also decided having three message boards is just silly. So, we've merged the awards message area with the main page message area. Don't worry, your award messages will be brought over. We've kept the facebook messaging board for those of you who like Facebook.

We've also added a new page which you can access from the Group Leader board page. See the 'View Full Group Details' link next to the groups drop down list button. This page is a summary of your group including all members and their position in the competition to date.

Public Groups

We've added in a public groups option as well. When you create a new group you can set it to be open to the public. With public groups you define how many members you want in your group. Once its live any member of will be able to see your group from the 'Manage Groups' page and if there is still room, they can opt to join. Now you can compete with people all over the world!

Public Battles

We've also added in a public battles option. When you create a new battle you can set it to be open to the public. With public battles you define how many groups you want in the battle. Once its live any Group Owner of will be able to see your battle from the 'Manage Battles' page and if there is still room, they can opt to add their group to your public battle.


There is a great new page available to everyone under the 'Extra' menu item: the 'Insights' page. This page shows you the average experience our members have had over the last several years. We hope you take a few minutes to have a look. We found it pretty interesting. It shows that pretty much everyone has good weight loss weeks and bad weight loss weeks. (Surprise surprise!) We think this is important to see with your own eyes to appreciate the struggle we all face. We also use this information to reach out to you in the tough weeks with a word of encouragement via email.

And finally we've fixed a few fiddly issues that have bugged the system. We hope you'll find the system that much more user friendly and stable.

And last but not least we've added an https option to the site. When you integrate with Fitbit you'll find yourself redirected to Feel free to use this address any time you like. This uses an SSL certificate backed by the world class certificate provider, DigiCert. When using SSL your privacy is guaranteed with your communications with our servers encrypted between your browser and our servers.

Well, thats it for now. We hope you enjoy the new site when it releases. Until then, all the best one and all.

Support. Motivate. Compete.

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