Site Update Reflections

Hi Team

It has been a week since we updated the site and we thought now is a good time to talk about the change.


It was a bumpy ride and we apologies to any users who were affected by any issues in the last week. Some of the issues we encountered included the password reset process and Fitbit integration not working. For a while there the site disappeared entirely!

We're pleased to announce that all known issues are now resolved. Fitbit integration should now be working and ready to go!

Welcome Fitbit!

If you missed last weeks announcement, you will now be able to link your Fitbit account to your account from your Edit Profile page. Once integrated Fitbit will start sending us notifications when they see changes. retrieves and records weight entries you make in Fitbit and calorie burn changes. Both of these values will show on your 'My Page' chart. This data is only shown to you and will be removed from our site entirely if you elect to remove the connection.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you like to enter your weight in to Fitbit already, then you no longer need to enter it in as well! We will retrieve your Fitbit entries the next time you log in to That is an important point. Please be aware we don't keep a real-time link to Fitbit. We will only retrieve your changes the next time you log in to So, if your group is coming to an end and you like to enter weights in Fitbit only, be sure to log in to to force us to grab your latest entries.

Improved Password Reset

We've had a good look at our password reset processes and we hope you like the updates. From now on, if you use a password and you forget yours, the password reset form will send you a special link in an email. We do not send plain text passwords. On clicking the link, you will be taken to a new password set page where you can tell us the new password you'd like to use.


And because we value your privacy, we've adopted a DigiCert SSL certificate. All traffic between your browser and our servers are now encrypted for your protection. You don't need to do anything different from normal, this is just part of the service we provide by default.


You can now add a personal profile image which will be shown on your page and on messages you post in our site. Your group and battle owners can now also post photos of the whole team. So, get together and take a happy-snap to personalize your group and battle pages.

General Look and Feel

We've tidied up too many things to list. From font sizes on graphs to general layout. We hope you find the site easier to use and a more pleasant experience.

And More

Check out last weeks article at for details on public groups, public battles and the new insights page.

As always, best of luck in your competitions and your individual goals.

Support. Motivate. Compete.

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