2018 Site Updates

Hi Team

We have today released a small but important change to the site.

Changes - Joining Groups and Battles

For a while now we emailed special links to people asking them to join your groups and battles. These succeeded most of the time, but also failed far too often.

We are pleased to say we have now designed an entirely new group and battle join solution. We hope you like it. By all means, drop us a line if you have any issues.

To start with, if you are a group owner, visit the Groups, Manage page. From here, select to 'View and Edit Your Groups' and select the group you wish to manage. This page then gives you the option to 'Invite New Team Members'. This is actually optional and does not send a special link like the old solution. But, it is still useful. This will email your details to the people you wish to join your group. This will then help them 'find' your group. We will send them your site username, your name (as you entered in this site), your email address and the name of your group or battle you wish them to join.

For people wishing to join an existing group or battle, visit the Group or Battle 'Create or Join' page. From here there is a new space to 'Find a Friends Group' (or battle). Simply enter one of the details here and search. Click the group or battle you wish to join and we will inform the group/battle owner of your request.

To complete the process the group or battle owner can review join requests from the Manage page. This is a new entry under the group or battle 'Manage' page. See the new 'Review Join Requests' option.

To put it simply, people can search for groups to join, send requests and the group owners can review and approve these requests. Once approved, you're in!

We hope you enjoy this new feature. We have conducted extensive testing and believe this will be much more reliable than the previous solution.

Changes - Start Dates

We've also taken this change as an opportunity to implement one of the more frequently requested features. You can now define the group / battle start dates. This can be in the past or in the future.

Please note, when you visit the group or battle create or edit pages, you may need to refresh your browser as some existing files have changed. For example, pressing Shift F5.

We hope you enjoy the new features and find the site that little bit easier to use.

As always, best of luck in your competitions and your individual goals.

Support. Motivate. Compete.

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