About OurWeigh.In

OurWeigh.In has been designed to help groups of friends, families and colleagues work together to achieve health goals.

Offering both community and friendly competition, we provide a space where you can challenge yourself and your friends to exceed your own expectations.

You may know us as Our Biggest Loser (previously found at ourbiggestloser.com). We underwent a significant redesign and relaunch as ourweigh.in. We hope you enjoy the new site and the new features.

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It’s really all about you!

We just provide the tools you need to track your journey and all of your weight loss competitions.

Group Competitions

Invite your family, friends and colleagues and start a weight loss competition.

It’s a great way to stay motivated.


Think you’ve got a great team? Take your group to the next level by pitting your Groups against other Groups on the site. May the best team win!

About OurWeigh.In

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OurWeigh.In offices are located in Australia. Our hours of operation using America/New York Time:

  • Sun - Mon 8pm - 2am
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  • Thu - Fri 8pm - 2am
  • Fri 8pm - Midnight
  • Sat Closed

And in Australia (AEST) time:

  • Mon - Fri 10am to 4pm
  • Sat 10am to 2pm
  • Sun Closed
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