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This site is all about motivating people to achieve their weight goals. We want to do this in a healthy and constructive way, which means helping people reach a healthy weight for their frame. We track your Body Mass Index (BMI) rather than actual weight-loss so that you know when you’re in the healthy range. You are not obliged to enter your height but we recommend you do.

Please bear in mind that BMI is only one indication of healthy weight and there are exceptions. It is not a particularly good measure of health for a range of people such as pregnant women and high-performance athletes.

Please also bear in mind that this sort of weight-loss challenge is not recommended for children and that the BMI calculations differ for under 18s. This site is not set up to support child and adolescent weight-loss.

For further information about BMI and other healthy weight indicators, have a look at The Heart Foundation.

Messages and Posts Questions

No. Never. You can use our site to showcase your progress via social media, if you choose. You always have control over what gets posted. This includes your progress, awards and comments.

If you register with us using your Facebook password, you will be able to automatically log in to this site without needing to use passwords but this is for your convenience only and does not mean that the site can post to social media without your express request.

OurWeigh.In is all about using whatever tools you have available to motivate you to reach your goals. Reaching out to your social network for support and to celebrate your victories can be a powerful motivator.

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